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January 14, 2018

Makeup Mistakes

The Stylish Drawing Lesson

Makeup mistakes can be very different, and may even prevent them from those girls who is not the first use of decorative cosmetics. Sometimes you just need a view from the outside and those who say that this makeup is not decorated. Too copious liner The desire to make the eyes large and expressive force women

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July 2, 2018
Hardware Pedicure

Are you ready for the summer?

Pulling open sandals and flip-flops, we understand that our legs are not in great shape. Hyperkeratosis, blisters, cracked feet, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), plantar warts, bad breath and other problems, settled at our feet. What should I do? The answer is a qualified, rather than going to the drugstore for a magic bullet

The Secret to Thick Hair

“My hair – my pride” – is rightly claim the owners of beautiful, healthy and well-groomed locks. But not everyone can boast. Fortunately, the condition and appearance of hair can be successfully influenced by modern means. During the life of the state of our hair varies depending on the hormonal environment, health, environmental impact, food and water […]

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Makeup Mistakes – The Stylish Drawing Lesson
Hardware Pedicure
The Secret to Thick Hair

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A SEDUCTIVE AND IRRESISTIBLE INVITATION TO A RIDE BY THE KINGDOM OF BEAUTY If Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is certain that this look is influenced by the cultural standards of those who observe. After all, what is beauty? What is art? Taste is discussed? Should Beauty be analyzed coldly or free from the bonds of reason? With his acuteness and erudition, Umber to Eco proposes these questions in The History of Beauty, an essay on the transformations of the concept of the Beloved through the ages.

Eco starts from the principle that the meaning of Beauty is changeable and different from the sense of desire: “The thirsty who, when giving a fountain, hurries to drink does not contemplate Beauty. After that, the author avoids the preconceived ideas of Beauty to review everything that, in a certain culture or historical epoch, seemed pleasing to the contemplation of man regardless of his desire. Even the ugly, the cruel and the demonic deserve contemplation of Humberto Eco, serving as parameters for the existence of the Beautiful. The book is neither a history of art nor a study of aesthetics, but it is worth both of them to delineate the idea of ​​Beauty from antiquity to the present day. Humberto Eco reflects on the various transformations of the concept of Beauty, not only in the world of the arts, but also in several areas of knowledge, such as philosophy.

In 17 chapters, of which he wrote nine (the others are written by the Italian writer Glamorous de Michele) , theology, science, politics and economics. In addition to being beautifully illustrated, the work uses an absolutely original and intelligent language to discuss such a complex concept. Using echoes of hundreds of masterpieces and a vast anthology of texts from Pythagoras to the present day, Eco investigates the manifold ideas of Beauty expressed and discussed from ancient Greece to the present, drawing parallels that may seem rather unusual, as, for example, between the nudity of Venus ed Mill in the second century BC and that of the model Monica Pellucid in a Zeffirelli calendar; or between the athletic body of the Delivered Apollo, exhibited at the Muse Vatican in Rome, and the anabolism biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the movie Command, before the actor became governor of California, USA. It will be up to the readers to decide if the idea of ​​Beauty preserved along these various manifestations some constant characteristics. Either way, they will certainly live an exciting intellectual and sensory adventure. A lover of words as well as images, Humberto Eco turned this sophisticated, yet exciting, work into the best translation of what he intended to investigate: History of Beauty is a magnificent book. A seductive and irresistible invitation to a trip through the realm of Beauty, with the privilege of having the inspired mind of Humberto Eco as a guide.


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In a thought-provoking work, Roger Crouton invites us to reflect on the beauty and the place that it occupies in our lives. As he makes very clear, his approach is neither historical nor psychological: it is philosophical. So, it leads us through questions like: is beauty subjective? Are there valid criteria for judging a work of art? Is there any rational basis for taste? What is the relationship between tradition, technique and taste?

Can beautiful be immoral? Crouton, with its controversial verve, confronts those who consider beauty judgments as being merely subjective: “Why should we study the heritage of our art and culture at a time when the judgment of its beauty has no rational foundation?”.

And with its characteristic forcefulness he declares: “In this book […] I argue that [beauty] is a real and universal value anchored in our rational nature [and] that the sense of beauty plays an indispensable role in shaping our world “. Agree or disagree with the author, the fact is that you can not pass with indifference to your arguments. If the intention was to make the reader reflect on the subject, surely the objectives were fulfilled.

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