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Bucs announce Bill Walsh coaching fellows

The Buccaneers announced the Bill Walsh Coaching Fellows who will assist the team’s coaching staff during training camp. Brittan Golden, Julian “Rashad” Johnson, Sean Spence and Kerry Taylor were selected

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Microscopy technique enables 3D super-resolution nanometer-scale imaging

Over the last two decades, microscopy has seen unprecedented advances in speed and resolution. However, cellular structures are essentially three-dimensional, and conventional super-resolution techniques often lack the necessary resolution in

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Germany’s gas crisis in five charts

Germany, largely dependent on Russian gas to fuel its export-led economy and to keep homes warm, is bracing for a possible total halt in Russian supplies if Moscow steps up

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The Playdate’s launch was a unique opportunity for small game developers

The team at indie games studio RNG Party has always loved handheld gaming, particularly Nintendo’s quirky portable devices. So when they noticed a new handheld making waves on Twitter, one

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Majority of Teachers and Parents Want More of This to Increase Student Engagement in Classrooms

A recent survey of 1,000 parents with school-age children found that 52% believed there was a shortage of hands-on projects in the classroom that foster collaboration and interaction. Maybe that’s

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