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Vikings announce 14 open practice dates

The 62nd training camp in Vikings history, and the fifth hosted at Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, will feature 14 open practices, the team announced Tuesday. The open practices begin

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Microbial link between Western-style diet and incidence of colorectal cancer uncovered

New research, published in Gastroenterology, builds the case that a Western-style diet—rich in red and processed meat, sugar and refined grains/carbohydrates—is tied to higher risk of colorectal cancer through the

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Texas proposes rules to ready natgas industry for weather emergencies

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), which oversees the state’s oil and natural gas industries, approved a proposed weatherization rule to help protect Texans during emergencies that could occur any time

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Robot umpires could be coming to Major League Baseball in 2024

Two years from now, in baseball stadiums around the US, the umpire behind home plate might be little more than a mouthpiece for a robot. Major League Baseball plans to

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Livin’ Good Currency Ep. 16: Carter Reum Business Built on Foundations of Love for Family and the Journey

The Lesson: Being a good person, growing alongside one’s parents, enjoying the journey, not letting the highs be too high and the lows be too low, these are lessons for

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