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NFL “more likely” to accept 6-8 game suspension of Deshaun Watson and not appeal

Not much news has emanated during or after the first day of the Deshaun Watson disciplinary hearing. One specific item of information that has emerged cries out for further analysis

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Scientists identify molecular mechanisms behind learning and memory

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have lower levels of the neuromodulator acetylcholine (ACh) in their brains. Donepezil, an AD drug, increases brain ACh levels and improves AD-associated learning deficits. Now,

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Fed’s Powell says clock is running to bring inflation down

The Federal Reserve will not let the economy slip into a “higher inflation regime” even if it means raising interest rates to levels that put growth at risk, Fed Chair

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EA’s ‘pre-pre-pre-alpha’ video of the new Skate still looks pretty great

EA announced in 2020 that a new Skate game was on the way, and on Thursday, we got our first look — well, sort of. The company debuted a trailer

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Kitten rescued from 20-foot storm drain in Arizona

Firefighters and animal rescuers in Arizona came to the rescue of a kitten found trapped in a 20-foot storm drain. The Arizona Humane Society said personnel responded alongside the Chandler

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