Crisis events place extraordinary demands on an organization, and generally there is no time to develop a plan of action in response to a crisis. Preparing for crises has become an organizational imperative. And leadership increasingly strives to establish a comprehensive crisis management strategy and operational processes, as well asRead More →

Lest you miss it, Bunnings’s issue management plan had to be activated after a communication between company stakeholders leaked about the barbecue sausage sandwich protocol: while serving barbie ‘ d bangers, the onions should be placed on the bread before the sausage to minimize the threat of onion spills thatRead More →

Twenty-seven families gathered at John Hancock High School in early March to attend an emergency family planning workshop. (Courtesy of Antonio Gutierrez) Last week, 27 families were taught to prepare for the unthinkable: what to do if their family was broken up by deportation or detention. Families were participating inRead More →

The Vermont Yankee 10-mile contingency planning zone becomes a thing of the past Tuesday. Photo by Mike Faher / VTDigger [V]ERNON – As of Tuesday morning, much of the Vermont Yankee footprint is disappearing. Indeed, the closed nuclear power plant’s 10-mile contingency planning zone, which affects 18 cities in Vermont,Read More →