Confidence in a Crisis – Conducttr Crisis Training Software – Case Study

Modern technology, the internet and social media have been a catalyst for major changes in defense and security. In addition to fighting on the ground, armies and governments must also win the battle of hearts and minds. It becomes increasingly difficult as adversaries employ more complex tactics to spread disinformation. News, especially fake news, travels quickly, so it is imperative that fighters be prepared for combat in the digital world.

Conducttr started in the entertainment industry, creating augmented and immersive reality for TV and movie fans. After two rounds of DASA funding, the company is now focused solely on providing immersive “realistic” training for influence and information warfare. Their technology provides a full real-time simulated information environment for social media and news and models target audience reactions.

The additional funding has already had a huge impact on the business. Since its first DASA funding round, Conducttr has doubled its workforce and expanded its portfolio, attracting the attention of renowned clients including Vodafone, UEFA and the United Nations.

Robert Pratten, CEO of Conducttr said:

Many of our customers are not aware of the possibilities of technology until we meet them. DASA gave us the opportunity to work alongside potential end users, which allowed us to gain a first-hand understanding of their needs. It has given us invaluable information to create something truly cutting edge and that beats the world.

Working with DASA allowed Conducttr to test its technology in a defense context by organizing training activities with Ministry of Defense staff.

These opportunities have enabled Conducttr to further develop its product for defense and security purposes, while highlighting its potential to strengthen the government’s response to crises such as cyber attacks, pandemics, floods, earthquakes, terrorist threats and other major incidents.

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