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If you find yourself negative today and are looking for some way to make money quickly, you probably have seen that few traditional financial institutions accept credit applications for those with the dirty name, one of the only being the loan lender.

On top of all this, in general, the interest rate on borrowers and non-performing loans is often extremely high due to the high risk of default by the customer. If you are thinking of borrowing from Crepes, calm down, we will ask your main questions today so you can understand if it really is a good option for you.

If you have a dirty name, it is extremely important that you search for all fees, not all financial agencies offer credit for negatives and, when they do, their rates are often high.

How can you make a loan?

How can you make a lender loan?

In general, loan is only made at its branches. The process is not modern, so speeding things up on the internet yourself will have to appear in person to get your loan. However, there are over 900 different agencies spread across the country, and you can find the listing of addresses directly on the company’s website.

The company being an institution that offers loans only to pensioners, public servants or withdrawals, who are in a state of negativity, ends up becoming an agency with extremely high interest rates, much more than its competitors.

According to date presented directly by the bank, in personal loans without payroll, the interest rates presented are the highest in the market. Per month, interest reaches almost 21%, and easily pass 800% per year.

Is it possible to do some kind of loan simulation?

Is it possible to do some kind of loan simulation?

The answer is very short: no. lender, no matter how big, still can’t make a credit simulator available on its website. You have to go to one of the physical stores personally from Monday to Saturday if you want to do some simulation.

The same is also true for information-only people, but in this case you can choose to make a call directly to the central office.

In general, lender does not offer much technological advancement, which leaves it behind compared to other financial agencies in the industry. Your choice of customers is also something that limits your horizons, and your prices are not the most pleasant.

What are the documents requested for those who want a loan?

What are the documents requested for those who want a loan?

If you still want to borrow directly from lender at one of its stores, it is good to have the following documentation separated:

  1. Your original ID and CPF
  2. A proof of residence that is up to date
  3. Your last two proofs of income, either statements or other documents
  4. Your last two original bank statements, with full credit of your last salary

Who can apply for a loan ?

Who can apply for a loan?

As stated earlier, lender is extremely selective about the people to whom it lends. If you wish to be one of clients, you must qualify as a federal, state or municipal civil servant, be one of the numerous INSS beneficiaries or be one of the beneficiaries of our Pension Fund.

If you are not in one of these cases, look for another alternative. It turns out that lender offers a kind of loan that is and is not loaned at the same time. The amount of the installment is always discounted directly from the payroll issued by the state, but lender states that its loan is not in the payroll loan modality, but of its own.

Does making a loan within lender really pay off?

Does making a loan within lender really pay off?

If you still have questions about whether or not to make a loan , take a few steps back and reevaluate your situation. As reputable as it is, lender still offers what are considered the most expensive interest rates in the entire market.

A loan with them can seriously compromise your budget if you are not careful about what you are doing. But, let’s look at the advantages lender offers and for which it has become a giant in our domestic market.

  1. For those with the approved profile and accepted application, the money is released extremely quickly in less than a day, except, of course, in the case of proposals that are reviewed on Fridays or Saturdays, as they fall only on next Monday.
  2. lender is one of the few national agencies that offer loans to those who are negative. She is one of the few who do this kind of lending, which can actually be excellent, depending on the debts and also on the interest rates that the person with the dirty name is having to face with the current debt.

But not everything is flowers and you should also know what are the main disadvantages of lender. The first disadvantage, of course, is its interest rates, the highest in the market.

This agency is well known for granting credit for which it is negative, and it is this very loan that causes its rates to be high, delinquency among negatives often carries the CET and interest rates up, thus offering a rate that is usually even higher. than card rates.

In the end, the loan lender is still worth it, but only if you plan ahead what you will do with the money and how you will repay your new debt.